mercoledì 31 luglio 2013


"I am fluctuating trough my sky
I'm walking trough heart's little streets seeing people without anything to eat and drink.
I'm sliding trough their tears and arrive at my deepest sence of humanity and human beings.
and again...

In the squares I see how people are killed from iranian rejim and my heart cries blood so bad.
something in me wants to write fantastic ,fun and lovely things, but how could I talk about something that makes everyone happy when this world is full of sadness.
My dearest Sa'di , come with me and see what's happening here.
come and go walk in a rose garden with some doves around us ...

My honey , now I'm sitting and drinking my persian red tea . i LOVE IT
my unreal love look at me and look into my soul trough my eyes
they , my eyes, are somewhere else maybe they are in ashraf maybe they are in evin or maybe they are with you watching from there the whole disgusting social and political situation that is massacrate the all excistence.
let's immerce you into the magical wine effect to support what worse you're gonna see here.

I'm fluctuating in the air
I'm enjoying the rest of this world
I'm observing the remains with some strange fury sence that is strangle me !
I'm giving you my hand , my dear ,
watching into your eyes and telling you
that no power can be a real power if it is used maliciously .
so trust me
soon this desert will be a real rose garden full of lovelyness .
soon our humans empathy will be more than now.
soon we'll see their overthrow and
soon will bloom smiles on our faces. "

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